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Upgrades and Migrations

EnterpriseOne Upgrades

EnterpriseOne upgrades are just plain tough.  Add on top of that a potential platform and/or database migration and they get even tougher.  That's where Barritek can help. We have experience migrating your EnterpriseOne system across platforms, databases or both and also completing an upgrade to the latest 9.2 release at the same time.  So if you are contemplating or planning a migration or just looking to upgrade your current EnterpriseOne release, give us a call and see where we can help. 

Install and Implement

EnterpriseOne Install and Implement

Looking to install and implement an EnterpriseOne system?  Not a problem.  This is a big investment, you need to make sure it's done right.  There's a lot of moving parts and pieces to get the system up and running properly and keep it running properly.  In some cases you don't even know what the different server pieces are, why you need them or how you can configure them.  We have successfully done this on every release of EnterpriseOne software up to the latest 9.2 release and we would love to play a role in helping you do this successfully as well.

Tune Up and Audit

EnterpriseOne Audit

Need a sanity check on your EnterpriseOne system?  Looking to begin the planning phase of an application or tools upgrade and want to take a checkpoint of the current system?  Let us do a full audit cycle and recommendation list for you.  We can go through most systems and do a full audit and provide a deliverable in about a week's time.  If you want us to handle some of the tune up recommendations we make, not a problem either.

Architecture Design

EnterpriseOne Design Planning

Having trouble planning out that upgrade or new install when it comes to the hardware and infrastructure design?  We know that beginning to plan out a system of this size can be quite a daunting effort.  Let us help you design a solid infrastructure layout for your EnterpriseOne system.  We can also help you decide what kind of clustering or load balancing would be best to use, what pieces of the system are best suited to it and what is available to you.  Want us to help out with the upgrade or install after that is complete, we can do that too.

Integrated Technologies

EnterpriseOne Integration Technology

All of these acronyms the sales team at Oracle are throwing at you have your head spinning.  We know what they mean, what they do and how we can help you install them.  Business services(BSSV), Mobile Apps(AIS), One View Reports(OVR), BI Publisher(BIP), Application Development Framework(ADF) - yes, there is a lot to take in and think about.  We have implemented them all and can help you as well.  Have a 3rd party product that you need an EnterpriseOne expert to help guide you on the best way to integrate and design a plan and process moving forward - we can help with that as well - even if it's not a product we have seen before.  We understand technology and know EnterpriseOne.

Technical Project Management

EnterpriseOne Technical Project Management

Managing the overall technical piece of a project implementing or upgrading EnterpriseOne can be a formidable job, especially if you do not have the experience.  That's OK, this type of project is all we know.  You keep on handling the day to day operations of your technical team and let us manage the EnterpriseOne technical upgrade alongside.

Hosting Services

EnterpriseOne Hosting Services

Trying to get that on-premise system out of that power hungry server room?  Trying to go to a more lean model for your team and infrastructure?  We have the experience to help you move your existing or install your new EnterpriseOne system into a hosted environment.  Whether you already have a hosting partner picked out or want to look to us to help find the right fit for you.  We have expertise on the Amazon(AWS) cloud and can setup a high performing E1 environment for a fraction of the cost of other hosting solutions.

Database Administration

EnterpriseOne Database Administration

Managing an EnterpriseOne database takes a lot more than just DBA skills - you have to also know the EnterpriseOne software and how it all functions in the backend.  We are experts on Oracle database all the way up to the latest supported versions of 12c. Whether you need help with performance, reorganization, migrations, upgrades, data refreshes, install and configuration, backup and recovery or just regular day to day assistance, we have the expertise you need.  We can also provide EnterpriseOne specific database services on Microsoft SQL Server.

Project Plan and Contract Auditing

EnterpriseOne CNC

We have seen the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to scope creep and project plans.  If you feel that the technical  portion of your project is going sideways or if you are signing up for a new project with another provider and just want another pair of eyes to review what they are proposing, we can help with that.  Need help narrowing down a provider based on the proposals you have in hand?   We can take a look at that as well - let us help you make the very best decisions you can for your company.

Hosting Anchr
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